Our Products

LeanLife Products contain:


α-linolenic acid (ALA)


linoleic acid (LA)

fatty acids

LeanLife products are derived from high quality flaxseed oil, which yields the highest omega-3 concentration of any plant source.

Omega-3 fatty acid is important for our health. See why.

Quality Matters

Our products are formulated as liquids, emulsions or powders and can be used as food additives — boosting the the nutritional quality of processed foods.

Only the highest quality flaxseed oils and food grade reagents are used.

We are currently perfecting our emulsion and powder formulations.

LeanLife’s exclusive agreement with BioCube Corporation Ltd. to purchase customized equipment provides greater than a 100-fold increase in production capacity, enabling rapid expansion into new global food additive markets.

LeanLife products will be compliant with the highest food safety standards in North America and Europe and pass rigorous quality control testing.

Superior for Food Processing

LeanLife products are thermally stable and can be used in baking, freezing, or as an oil or emulsion. This allows a wide variety of processed foods to incorporate this beneficial additive.

Cooking with flaxseed oil/meal can impart a bitter taste. Fish oil sources of omega-3 can impart a fishy taste. LeanLife fatty acid ethyl esters impart no flavour and have been successfully added to a large spectrum of foods.

Our products have excellent two-year shelf lives. Regular flaxseed meal or oil becomes rancid if not protected from prolonged exposure to air, light and heat. LeanLife’s proprietary processing produces a stable product resistant to oxidation, a clear advantage for inventory storage and maintaining long term food quality. 
For example, if LeanLife products are used in the baking of bread, the quality of the omega fatty acids remain constant, and the bread does not show signs of oxidation (rancidity) within its normal shelf life.

Our products do not require refrigeration, thus are shelf stable.

Our Customers are Global

LeanLife is building relationships with global food manufacturers in Poland, Australia, Japan and North America.

We are currently establishing operations in Canada to supply food processors in North America with additives for various products, including breads, buns, cookies, muffins, hot dogs, hamburgers, processed meats, noodles, juices, cheese, milk products, chocolate bars, salad dressings, sauces, table spreads, soymilk, tortillas, breakfast cereals, infant formula, candy, fruit juices, and smoothies.