About Us

LeanLife Health Inc. was born from a desire to offer high quality omega3 plant-based oils to the world. Evidence of over 50 years supports the numerous health benefits of flaxseed omega 3 alpha-linolenic acid. LeanLife Health recognized that over 50% of North Americans do not consume enough omega 3 fats and eat far too many omega 6 fats. Our omega 3 flaxseed formulation is stable for 2 years which will allow more food companies to add the oil to their products and more consumers to meet their nutritional needs. Proprietary methods initially developed at a Polish University in 2007 have been continuously improved upon to result in the most nutritionally stable plant-based omega 3 oils that are on the market today.

New initiatives have driven our team to incorporate more products to diversify our offerings and enrich shareholder value. We are excited to be rolling out the Mike Tyson endorsed Iron Energy Drinks into the soft drink market across the US by mid-2021. LeanLife Health Inc. is confident this strategy will propel us forward with positive gains in the foreseeable future.

We have engaged a team with global expertise in omega-3 science and production, energy drink sales, and direct-to-consumer marketing. Our professionals are working to ensure our omega-3 flaxseed oil is the healthiest, most stable, and the most convenient available today. In addition, our team is working diligently to launch Amazon and convenience store sales of Iron Energy Drinks (endorsed by Mike Tyson) across the US.


The LeanLife Health team has extensive experience in all facets of management, finance, marketing, operations and biotechnology.

Stan Lis

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lis was the co‐founder, past president and director of MicroCoal Technologies Inc. (formerly Carbon Friendly Solutions Inc.) from its inception in 2006 to 2015. From 2000 until 2006, he was the president, CEO and director of Stream Communications Network & Media Inc., a cable company where he was directly responsible for taking the company from start up to 65,000 subscribers. From 1993 until 2000, Mr. Lis acted as President, CEO and director of Trooper Technologies Inc., an environmental company focused on waste management in Central Europe. In 1988 he founded International UNP Holdings Ltd., a Toronto Stock Exchange Investment Company used to acquire and finance privatized Polish state enterprises. Mr. Lis studied Business Administration and Securities at Simon Fraser University. Mr. Lis personally raised over $60 million to finance the above mentioned companies.

Casey Forward

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Carl F. Perez, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Perez has more than 30 years of leadership in academic research programs and has experience in all phases of drug discovery, process development, preclinical development, FDA/Health Canada regulatory compliance, and cGMP manufacturing. Dr. Perez was Director Preclinical Programs for Chromos Molecular Systems (Burnaby, BC) and VP Product Development for Metaara Medical Technologies (Vancouver, BC).

Russ Hiebert

Corporate Advisor

Mr. Hiebert served as a Member of Parliament in Canada for eleven year (2004-2015). During this time, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Defence and later Intergovernmental Affairs and served on the Natural Resources, Finance and International Trade committees. Mr. Hiebert has a worldwide network of contacts in business and foreign governments as a result of his leadership roles on several international associations, including Canadian Chairman of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II patron), speaking engagements at the European Parliament and the United Nations, as well as experience in over 100 nations. He started his education in the Faculty of Engineering before completing a multi-faceted undergraduate degree from Biola University (Los Angeles, California) that included studies at Oxford University and an internship at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. He earned his Law Degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the University of Sydney (Australia), then practiced at a national Canadian law firm, before completing his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) also from UBC. He has completed the Institute of Corporate Directors Education Program and has served as a director on a variety of private and public companies.

Glenn Nichols

Vice President Operations

Mr. Nichols brings more than 15 years of Product and Project Management experience working with large multi-company teams combined with a strong automation engineering background. Prior to joining LeanLife he played key roles in the nutraceutical market, bringing a manufacturing plant operational while automating several of its complex processes to maximize efficiencies, reduce labour requirements, and improve product quality and consistency. One of Mr. Nichols' primary strengths is his ability to identify problems with current or planned products and processes. His creative solutions have resulted in him being named in several patents granted, pending or in the application stage, for every company he has worked with over the past 18 years.

Board of Directors

Stan Lis, CEO

See above

Marcin Łukaszewicz, PhD

Dr. Łukaszewicz is the Dean of the Department of Biotransformation, at the Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wroclaw (Poland). Dr. Łukaszewicz is an expert in molecular biology, biotechnology, and microbiology.

Glen Macdonald, Director

Mr. MacDonald is a self-employed geology consultant. Mr. Macdonald has served as CEO, President, and Director for numerous private and public companies with particular expertise in corporate development and fiduciary compliance.

Dr. Robert Chanson, Director

Dr. Robert Chanson is a Swiss National born in Sri Lanka (1950). Following Schooling in Ceylon and Switzerland, he studied Law & Ecology in Zurich, London and Paris. Robert is a Lawyer and holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences. Following a career in various management capacities with an internationally operating Swiss financial services Company he formed a pioneering risk-management company with a focus on environmental risks in the early 90s. Since the late 90s Robert has established himself as an Institutional Business Angel in the field of Biotech, Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energies entertaining projects both in Europe, North America and South Asia. He is a co-founder of the London-listed ag-biotech Company ‘Plant Health Care’ – his two latest start-ups focus on encryption technologies and a novel pyrolytic reactor. Dr. Chanson has joined the LeanLife team as an Independent Director to assist the Company in reaching its ambitious business goals in North America and Overseas.